​Hi y’ all, I’m a computer music maker and a dreamer. About Me here!

If you’re reading this AND you feel lost at some point in life. We ALL do. I feel for anyone who feels lost right now! I’m going to be famous one day lol.

So anyways, you wanted to see what I’m all about
Well, there isn’t much left to figure me out
I am from Atlanta, GA
​Love to make music but struggle to put emotion into it
I grew up with an older brother, I’m middle child —
Stalkers gonna stalk, haters going to hate

I’LL change the world, big or small and offer value to everyone. Doesn’t matter if you want “wealth” or have debt. (Parasitic, karmic, financial, etc.) I just wanna walk into a pizza shop and not worry about the price… AND I know there’s soul-food here… We don’t really need fear! — Contact me through Facebook or learn more about me.

Making It In The Music Industry: Don’t Get Duped By A False Dream

So you want to launch your music industry career? Let me tell you about a fantastic figure of speech that teaches a powerful lesson. Especially when it comes to a business as aspirational as the music industry! You have a choice to make: either to jump on the same bandwagon as everyone else, or choose to “sell pickaxes to the gold miners”. What on earth does that mean, you may ask? Let me explain!

The concept goes back to the California Gold Rush. Some struck it rich mining for gold, but a lot of people rushed to get in on the action with less success. Surprisingly, the real power players of the time didn’t mine gold at all. These brilliantly minded businessmen saw an opportunity. They sold the mining equipment to the gold-obsessed masses, and when all was said and done, came out on top!